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How to Amend or Cancel Your Ongoing Purchase Subscription on ROAR Pet Food.

Step 1: Access Your Account

Log in to your user account. Use the same credentials (username and password) you used when you initially subscribed.

Step 2: Navigate to Your Subscription

Once logged in, locate and click on your account profile or user icon. This is usually located in the upper-right corner of the website if logging in hasn’t taken you to the correct page.

Step 3: Access Subscription Management

In your account dashboard, find the section related to your subscriptions or orders. This should be labeled as “Subscriptions“. Click on it.

Step 4: View Your Subscriptions

You should now see a list of your active subscriptions, including the one you wish to amend or cancel. Click on the specific subscription you want to manage.

Step 5: Amend Your Subscription

To amend your subscription (e.g., change the delivery frequency, update your payment method, or modify the products in your subscription), look for the relevant options or buttons within the subscription management page. Follow the on-screen prompts to make your desired changes.

Step 6: Cancel Your Subscription

To cancel your subscription, look for the cancellation or “Cancel” option within the subscription management page. It might be a button or a link. Click on it.

Step 7: Confirm Cancellation

After clicking the cancellation option, the website will typically ask you to confirm your decision. Ensure you want to cancel and follow the confirmation steps.

Step 8: Receive Confirmation

You should receive a confirmation message indicating that your subscription has been successfully amended or canceled.

Step 9: Verify Changes

To be certain that your changes or cancellation have been applied, review your subscription details or orders within your account. Make sure the status of the subscription reflects your desired changes.

Step 10: Contact Support (if needed)

If you encounter any issues or have questions during this process, you can reach out to ROAR Pet Food’s customer support for assistance. They can provide guidance and resolve any concerns.

That’s it! You’ve successfully amended or canceled your ongoing purchase subscription.

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