Learn: Raw Dog Food Benefits, Directions, Instructions, & Transitioning To Raw Pet Food

Benefits of a Raw Dog Food Diet

Raw feeding isn’t new and it isn’t a trend. Pets have been enjoying a raw dog food diet since the dawn of time. With the introduction of dry pet foods many pet owners have opted for the processed, dry, store-bought option. At ROAR we believe there is a better way.

There’s a wealth of research that has been done on the benefits of raw food with healthier, shinier coats, increased vitality, cleaner teeth, a stronger immune system and smaller stools just some of them.

To find out more about the researched benefits of a raw dog food diet check out some of our resources listed below.

Happy and healthy dog after eating bowl of raw dog food.
how to transition your furry friend on a raw dog diet.

Directions For Use

When you choose from our product range your ROAR pet food will arrive ready for your pets to enjoy.
The packaging includes full instructions, and when it leaves us, it becomes nothing but pure, raw freshness that we freeze, making it ready for your pets to devour. You should store all ROAR raw dog food mixes in the freezer and defrost them in the fridge when ready to use.
After opening, we recommend consuming it within 3 days. Your ROAR mixes will come in our handy re-sealable containers that can be stored in the refrigerator for clean ease of use. Of course, ROAR mixes are not intended for human consumption.

Feeding Instructions

For the healthiest pets, we always recommend including ROAR as part of an assorted diet. In fact, if you select from across our range of delicious mixes you’ll find most of what your pet needs in ROAR. We have blended each of our mixes to provide specific medicinal benefits.
We recommend feeding your pet 3% of their expected adult weight.
And, of course, in the interests of good hygiene, don’t forget to wash hands and surfaces with soap and hot water before and after feeding.
Happy pets eating raw dog food
See the change in your pets after transitioning them onto raw dog food.

Transitioning Your Pet To Raw Dog Food

If your pet has been on a dry diet we recommend transitioning them across gently so that their digestive systems have the time to adapt. For most dogs we recommend a 1-2 week transition period:

Day 1: Use the new raw dog food as a treat. Keep an eye on the condition of your dog’s stool.

Day 2–4: Increase the number of raw food treats over the next several days. Continue to monitor stools.

Day 5: If the stool is normal, replace one whole meal of old food with the new food.

Day 5–7: Do this for several more days. If the stools remain normal, stop the old food and feed the new food permanently.

Find out more about transitioning your dog to a raw food diet. Or feel free to contact the team at ROAR for advice and tips on healthy feeding.

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