We’ve packed pure raw goodness into every bowl of ROAR

Featured Testimonial

“ROAR has been a life saver for my dog. Copper, my golden retriever was about three when her immune system crashed due to chemical overload, food allergies and being fed what I thought at the time was quality dry food. She lost all her fur underneath and had a skin yeast infection all over her belly, chest and armpits. It was devastating to see her so sick.

To help get her right I went the holistic route and was recommended to switch to ROAR dog food as part of her treatment plan. It took about six months to see a significant change – her skin yeast infection disappeared and her fur started growing back, most importantly she was putting on condition and had more energy. I can trust the ingredients from her food, knowing she is not going to react to them (she is chemically sensitive and comes out in hives if exposed to small amounts of chemicals in food or her environment).

I have gotten to know Shaun, Kim and Ari well and they are extremely caring and always go the extra mile ( and have done so on more than one occasion). They have very high standards for their products and have so much passion and knowledge for how to take care of dogs – starting from the inside to build a healthy, strong immune system by providing a raw food range that is nutritiously balanced. The bonus of using ROAR food is that Copper loves it. If you are still wondering if ROAR dog food is the way to go, I say YES!”

Joni Fisher

Human Grade Ingredients

We believe our pets and yours deserve the best that nature can provide. That’s why we feed our dogs pure raw pet food and why every bowl of ROAR is packed with the best human grade ingredients.

We harvest from our own organic gardens and we source from suppliers who deliver only quality pure, raw meat. Then we create perfectly balanced mixes that are full of health benefits and that pets love.

See the Benefits in Your Pets

We constantly get feedback from our customers that their pets are just plain healthier and happier! Their pets look forward to meal times even more and the benefits are evident in their shinier coats, healthier skin, cleaner teeth, higher energy levels and all round increased health and vitality.

Each one of our carefully handcrafted mixes brings unique benefits to your pet. From our puppy beginners mix to our gentle senior mix there’s a great range of flavours and ingredients to make your pet’s meal times fun, full of flavour and full of goodness.

Omega’s 3, 6 & 9 for joint strength and a healthy, glossy coat.

Nutrient dense super-foods for increased vitality.

High in antioxidants for a robust immune system.

All natural ingredients for a healthy digestive system.

Protein rich for improved muscle definition.

Balanced nutrition for optimal dental health.