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Pure Passion. Raw Feeding. Pet Food.

At ROAR, our journey began with a deep passion for providing high-quality nutrition for our beloved dogs. We were driven by the desire to understand every ingredient they consumed and discover what would truly benefit their well-being. As dedicated pet owners ourselves, we embarked on a quest to find a better way to love and care for our furry companions. That lead us to the world of raw feeding.

When we welcomed “Just,” our first black German Shepherd, into our family at 8 months old: she was already thriving on a raw feeding. Inspired by her positive experience, we made the decision to introduce raw feeding to our elderly white Swiss Shepherd, Bella. The transformation in her health and temperament was remarkable. Especially after her initial reluctance to eat store-bought commercial dog food. Encouraged by these incredible outcomes, we eagerly expanded our pack with three black German Shepherd boys. They were born to raw-fed, toxin-free parents. These boys have also been raised on the mixes since they were still suckling whelps in their whelping box.

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See the change in your pets after transitioning them onto raw feeding.

Embracing Raw Feeding: A Journey of Goodness for Our Beloved Dogs

We are incredibly passionate about treating our dogs and the dogs we feed to nothing but goodness.

Friends and family kept commenting on how healthy and happy our pack was. We started researching and exploring a nutrient rich raw food diet with healthy medicinal properties. Since then we started making our own blends for fellow pet lovers.

Today, much of the produce we combine with the raw meat is still from our own spray free gardens and orchard. With no synthetic additives in our mixtures, we are able to provide nutrition in the way that nature intended: in an all raw and easily digestible range of superfood mixes. We’ve even created different blends to provide different medicinal and health needs in your dogs.

Raw feeding isn’t new and it isn’t a fad. It’s the way mother nature intended and we believe it is a better way. With our hand-crafted product range you can choose the best mix to meet your pet’s needs and see the benefits in your pets. We hope your pets love it as much as we do.

Giving Back: Rescue Dog Donations

As a local small family owned and operated business we are proud to be working alongside RRR (Rescue, Revive, Rehome – Bay of Plenty) here in Tauranga. We help rescue K9’s to get a better start in their new lives with ROAR blends, a variety of meat and bones.

We also donate bones to Tauranga Council Dog Pound at Mount Maunganui and to the local SPCA.

Happy and healthy dog after eating bowl of raw dog food.
See the change in your pets after transitioning them onto raw feeding.

Environmental Stewardship

Our plastic containers are recycled. Customers bringing them back to the shop or leaving them for us to collect when delivering locally. These have to be CLEAN and DRY for us to take back. We then sterilise them and they are either given to the local orchards for seedling hot houses; or we use the best ones as our mould base for making the bulk buying mixes.

We use cardboard boxes for all bulk buying. And when returned, these go to the local recyclers.

When delivering locally we do this in cardboard boxes or we suggest that our regular customers leave out their chilly bins. We then place their orders in them.

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