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Feeding Questions

Like humans every pet has a different metabolism so some need a little extra to keep them going and some a little less. At ROAR we pride ourselves with being available either in person or by phone or by email to help you sort out a custom made feeding plan for your special pet. This is then calculated up so as you get a weekly feeding price. In this price we can even add in the treats you want to feed each week.

Start by replacing a small portion of their usual diet with raw food and see how that goes. Then keep adding a little more raw to each meal as you slowly decrease the amount of their previous food. You can adjust the transition speed in response to how your pet is doing. If your pet has a very sensitive tummy start as 1/8th and work your way through it.

  • Day 1: feed 1/4 of the new food, 3/4 of the old food
  • Day 2: feed 1/4th of the new food, 3/4 of the old food
  • Day 3: feed 1/2 of the new food, 1/2 of the old food
  • Day 4: feed 3/4 of the new food, 1/4 of the old food
  • Day 5: feed 3/4 of the new food, 1/4 of the old food
  • Day 6: feed 100% of the new food

Chicken necks, chicken and beef medallions, ROAR 100% chicken liver treat, fresh salmon pieces (vacuumed sealed), fresh venison pieces (vacuumed sealed), large selection of small bones .


Raw feeding isn’t new and it isn’t a trend. Pets have been enjoying a raw food diet since the dawn of time. Some of the benefits of raw food diet are healthier, shinier coats, healthier skin, no smelly dog coat smell, increased vitality, cleaner teeth, a stronger immune system and smaller stools, some have said that they no longer de-flea their dogs anymore. Read our reviews on Facebook and you will find more there.

Some of the most common benefits of switching to a raw food diet for dogs with allergies include: A raw food diet is easier for the body to digest. The dog’s body absorbs and utilizes the nutrients more efficiently.  This is one of the reasons that ROAR has different blends. This diet strengthens the dog’s immune system, and helps him fight off allergens. 


Shipping is free for orders over $20 for local orders (auranga, Bethlehem, Papamoa, Mount Maunganui, Te Puke, Te Puna) and free for all other North Island locations for orders over $50. Orders under those amounts have a flat shipping rate of $7.50.

Local orders are delivered by us every Tuesday. other North Island locations are on overnight couriers.