Raw bones for dogs play a vital role in your canine companion’s daily diet. They are a rich source of essential minerals and nutrients, serving as a natural toothbrush to promote excellent dental health and prevent issues like gingivitis. Our selection of raw bones, particularly veal bones, offers a delectable and nutritious treat that dogs will devour without a trace.

Choose from our range of meaty options, including 1kg of meaty veal necks, succulent veal brisket, 2 large veal shanks, 1kg of meaty beef neck, or our hearty meaty cannon bones. Each selection promises not only a tasty indulgence for your four-legged friend but also the benefits of raw bones for their overall health and well-being.

Give your dog the joy of gnawing on these wholesome raw bones and watch their dental health and happiness thrive. Choose Roar Pet Food for quality and nutrition your pet deserves.

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Veal/Beef Bones


Raw bones for dogs are a treasure trove of essential nutrients and minerals. These a crucial component of your canine companion’s daily diet. Beyond their delectable flavour, these natural dental chews serve as an invaluable tool in maintaining your dog’s oral health. Chewing on raw bones can help prevent dental issues such as gingivitis, plaque buildup, and even bad breath. Bones provide your furry friend with not only a tasty treat but also the gift of strong teeth and healthy gums.

High-quality selection of raw bones for dogs

Our selection of veal bones is particularly sought after for its combination of tenderness, meatiness, and marrow-rich cores. Dogs find them utterly irresistible, and you’ll appreciate that there’s no waste. We offer a variety of options to cater to your dog’s preferences and size, including:

1kg of Meaty Veal Necks. A delectable and satisfying choice for dogs of all breeds, these meaty veal necks are packed with flavour and nutrition.

Succulent Veal Brisket. Tender and succulent, veal brisket is a meaty delight that will keep your dog happily occupied.

2 Large Veal Shanks. For those who relish a substantial chew, our large veal shanks provide a hearty and nutritious option.

1kg of Meaty Beef Neck. If your dog prefers beef, our meaty beef necks offer the same dental benefits and savoury taste.

Hearty Meaty Cannon Bones. These substantial bones are perfect for larger breeds and enthusiastic chewers, offering both a delightful treat and a dental workout.

Choosing Roar Pet Food means selecting quality and nutrition your pet deserves. Treat your furry family member to the joy of gnawing on these wholesome raw bones, and witness the improvement in their dental health and overall happiness.

Elevate your dog’s diet with the goodness of raw bones. Order today and give your beloved pet the gift of a healthy smile and a wagging tail! Read about benefits of raw bones for your pet.

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