Dog Bones

Raw bones can play an important role in your dog’s daily diet as they are full of minerals and nutrients and act as a natural toothbrush to prevent dental health issues like gingivitis. Veal bones are soft bones with meat and marrow so dogs will eat these all up with no waste.

Choose from  1kg of meaty veal necks, veal brisket, 2 large veal shanks, 1kg of meaty beef neck or our meaty cannon bones.


Fresh From Nature


Veal/Beef Bones

Omega’s 3, 6 & 9 for joint strength and a healthy, glossy coat.

Nutrient dense super-foods for increased vitality.

High in antioxidants for a robust immune system.

All natural ingredients for a healthy digestive system.

Protein rich for improved muscle definition.

Balanced nutrition for optimal dental health.

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